Marvey Fic Challenge #3 (“I can’t date anyone from the office.”) - Flowers Never Bend With The Rainfall


Harvey Specter is a man of many passions. Some are visible even on the outside – scotch, music, baseball, basketball, movies. Some are known to just some of his clients and acquaintances – cars, watches, art, dark chocolate, Star Trek. And then there are some that are known only to a very few – the smell of green apples, freshly fallen leaves, his work, beautiful, tailor-made suits.

The last one may seem rather obvious but it is mistaken for either vanity or necessity by most if not by all. As a matter of fact, Harvey is quite sure that almost nobody – if anybody at all – knows that he is truly passionate about any of those things.

Harvey Specter is a very passionate man, but nobody knows about that.

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Marveylous, like always :)!



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Mike se ha marchado, tiene un nuevo trabajo, una nueva dinámica con Harvey… o eso es lo que él cree porque en realidad, no hay ninguna relación con Harvey, no hay nada más que reproches, una buena cantidad de malas…

Sera numquam est ;) Wie der Lateiner sagt!



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